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Taylor Made Iron Services has always been committed to safety, efficiency, and quality. The company was founded in 2002 by Carmen and Naomi Taylor and was originally run out of their residence. TMI opened an Elko shop facility in 2003. At the time, Carmen already had 23 years of experience. In 2012 TMI celebrated our 10th anniversary. TMI has completed over 10,000 jobs. Our welders are skilled with different cutting and welding processes such as TIG, MIG, and air-arcing which can be implemented on a variety of metals.

TMI has completed bed assemblies for haul trucks in Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming, and Michigan. TMI can also provide regular welding repairs and new bed liners necessary throughout the life of the truck bed. We have been quality control for assemblies in Canada, Mexico, and Brazil and provided experienced welders and mechanics in Alaska. We have engineered boarding solutions, creating ladders and steps designed to increase safety for workers as they climb up and down mining equipment.

Our welders can also come to you, completing the job right on site. TMI can provide MSHA certified welders. We have two mobile welding trailers in Elko, Nevada. We are willing to go wherever the work needs to be done because we do business the right way. TMI’S field service department is second to none. We have extensive onsite experience and capability due to the size of equipment we service. It is mostly related to the mining industry, although we are able to handle any job, large or small. Carmen Taylor is a licensed contractor in Nevada. TMI also has experience with ornamental ironwork. We have a CNC plasma burn table and press brakes in both locations capable of cutting metal in precise, intricate shapes. It is directly compatible with our design software to ensure that the finished product matches your exact specifications and allows us even more options for fabrication.