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Vertool at Taylor Made Iron Services.

Vertool Rack by Taylor Made Iron Services

We have developed a tool racking system to organize any tooling situation. The systems work especially well for heavy duty applications with a 4,500.lbs door capacity & pull out doors accessible by crane.

Modular pricing coming soon. System can be custom built to any space & we would love to work with your team to develop the perfect rack for your needs.

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Wheel Motor Assembly.

Wheel Motor Silo Kits by Taylor Made Iron Services

TMI has developed kits to both refurbish or new construct wheel motor silo decking and table tops to eliminate tripping / slipping hazards & create a flush surface! Safety deck extensions have also been developed for after the wheel is lowered in to the pit.

Please call for a quote. We can get these to you anywhere!

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Engine Rebuild at Taylor Made Iron Services.

Engine Head Press by Taylor Made Iron Services

We have developed an engine head press solution providing 36,000 lbs across the X & Y axes of the bench allowing completion of all pressing operations for the job without repositioning the part. Press also comes with spring compression plates allowing the operator to compress up to 12 springs at a time.

Works especially well for Caterpillar applications.

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